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Past Martial Arts Events in the Full Potential Martial Arts community:

Iain Abernethy Karate Seminar in San Diego

iain-abernethy karate instructor

A special treat is coming up in December 2017, when world-renown karate instructor Iain Abernethy will be in San Diego. Sensei Abernethy has been instrumental in the practical karate revolution of the last two decades. A life-long martial artists who

Lake Arrowhead Martial Arts Camp, April 2016


The 8th annual Lake Arrowhead Spring Training Camp took place place April 8-10, 2016 at lake Arrowhead, and included karate, tai-chi, qigong, kobudo, yoga and meditation. A sincere thank you to all camp instructors: Sensei Paul Billimoria, Aoinagi Karate Kizukukai

Karate Goju Ryu Israel Seminar 2015

My sincere thanks to to Eli Elfassy Sensei of Karate Goju Ryu Israel. I appreciate your invitation to teach a seminar at your dojo! I enjoyed meeting the students, and sharing some Okinawan karate and self defense! We worked on

Tai Chi Seminar with Jeff Day – October 2015

Tai Chi Circle Ying Yang Carmel-Valley San-Diego 92130

October 2015: Tai Chi and Internal Martial Arts Seminar in San Diego An excellent Tai Chi and Internal Martial Arts seminar is scheduled for October:

Jeff Day Sensei Visit to San Diego & California


We were privileged to enjoy the company and instruction of Sensei Jeff Day over the last three weeks. Jeff Day Sensei visited and taught in San Diego, Redlands and Santa Cruz, California.

Memorial Training in Celebration of the Life of Ken Del Toro


A deep thank you to all who participated in the memorial training to celebrate the life of our student Ken Del Toro. Ken passed away in March after battling cancer. In conducting his life, Ken demonstrated true warrior spirit (Budo).

Kokusai Butokukai International Martial Arts Training Camp 2015

Sensei Jean Chalamon

Our friends at the Kokusai Butokukai are having their International camp this summer!

Carmel Valley Dojo Anniversary Celebration, 2014

Carmel Valley / San Diego Martial Arts dojo Anniversary, 2014

We had a great time yesterday celebrating the dojo’s two year anniversary teaching martial arts in San Diego / Carmel Valley. with a special training and a tasty dinner. My thanks to the students. It is YOU who make our

Martial Arts Camp at Mono Hot Springs, 2014

Mono Hot Springs Martial-Arts Camp 2014

Many thank to Sensie Louis Jemison, Sensei Paul Billimoria and Sensei Jeff Day for the excellent martial arts camp at Mono Hot Springs in the California Sierra Nevada mountains this weekend! Especially notable were the qigong and standing mediation training,

Belt Test, May 2014

karate belt test may 2014

It was a pleasure to see the fruits of the hard work at the belt test last night! There was some excellent martial arts on display! Very nice improvements on the topics we studied over the last few months: from