Using your Mind in Martial Arts

The Chinese martial arts call it “Yi“. Westerns call it “intention“. Basically, it’s the idea of using one’s mind and imagination to direct one’s actions in a totally coherent way, and to great utility.
In the dojo last night, we practiced Nei-gong, and then used the practice to coordinated our imagination, breathing and body movement, and produce maximum striking power.
Interestingly, several neuroscientists have conducted research showing that correctly imagining a specific exercise can increase muscle strength (see, for example, work done at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio: From mental power to muscle power; gaining strength by using the mind, Vinoth K. Ranganathan, Vlodek Siemionowa, Jing Z. Liu, Vinod Sahgal, Guang H. Yue, Neuropsychologia 42 (2004) 944-150;956 ).


Brian is a life-long martial artist, athlete, and serial entrepreneur. He teaches martial arts and self defense to adult and teen students in San Diego, at the Full Potential Martial Arts dojo in Carmel Valley.

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