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Special Training in San Diego with Sensei Jeff Day

Sensei Jeff Day of Matsukaze Budo Kai will be visiting the Full Potential Martial Arts dojo in Carmel Valley, San Diego, for a special training on Thursday, October 3, 2013. Looking forward to a great training! Sensei Day is well

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Using your Mind in Martial Arts

The Chinese martial arts call it “Yi“. Westerns call it “intention“. Basically, it’s the idea of using one’s mind and imagination to direct one’s actions in a totally coherent way, and to great utility. In the dojo last night, we

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Martial Arts Boot Camp

martial arts bootcamp -- getting strong while learning self defense

Strong core muscles are important for lower back health. They are also very useful in martial arts and self defense. At Full Potential Martial Arts, we use a Boot Camp format to mix things up and help everyone get strong.

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Striking and Grappling: Jiu-jitsu and Karate

Jiu-jitsu at Full Potential Martial Arts in Carmel Valley, San Diego, 92130

Combining striking arts with grappling arts at this week’s workout — it’s all part of martial arts. Is Karate only for striking? Is Jiujitsu (jiu-jitsu) only for ground fighting? Think again. Some martial artists like to differentiate “striking” such as

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Sensei Karen Levine’s New Dojo


Congratulations to Sensei Karen Levin and the Aoinagi Karate Koshokan students on their new beautiful dojo! The Sunday, February 17, 2013 inaugural training was a lot of fun!

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Sensei Robert Leong, Hanshi, Passes Away

Sensei Robert Leong, Hanshi

On January 1, 2013, Sensei Robert Leong, Hanshi, passed away. In the 90th year of his life, Sensei was actively teaching, living, and breathing the martial arts. In celebration of Sensei Leong’s life, we created this memorial page.

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Martial Arts Word of the Month for November 2012

Shoshin, “beginner’s mind”. In martial arts, we seek to cultivate a beginner’s mind – an attitude of openness and lack of preoccupation when studying a subject – even a subject in which we have a great deal of prior knowledge.

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Martial Arts Word of the Month for October 2012

Mushin — loosely translated as “without mind”, or “without conscious thought”. Through martial arts training, we strive to achieve a mental state of calm – a mind not occupied by thoughts or emotions and thus ready and open for anything.

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