Self Defense Seminar for the UCSD Pi Beta Phi Sisterhood

On February 11, 2018 we held a special personal safety / self defense seminar for the UCSD Pi Beta Phi sisterhood in our San Diego martial arts training center in Carmel Valley.

What a fun and energetic group!

We covered many self protection topics, including the following:

  • Awareness, its importance for personal safety and how to develop it
  • Escape: how to escape from situations before they turn bad
  • De-escalation techniques (verbal and physical) and how to be assertive
  • Fighting: how to hit with good power, what to hit, and how to defend yourself on your feet as well as on the ground

Keep practicing!!!

Here are some excerpts from the seminar:

Brian is a life-long martial artist, athlete, and serial entrepreneur. He teaches martial arts and self defense to adult and teen students in San Diego, at the Full Potential Martial Arts dojo in Carmel Valley.

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