San Diego Martial Arts Workout Meetup

meetup-san-diego-martial-artsFull Potential Martial Arts is a proud sponsor of the San Diego Martial Arts Workout Meetup.

This is a regular Meetup that meets every Thursday, and explores different topics related to martial arts and self-defense. It is open to martial artists of all levels — from beginner to advanced.

Each Meetup explores a martial arts topic — be it a hold, strike, ground technique or anything else. The emphasis is on practical self defense that works. The origin of those in usually from Asian martial arts such as Okinawan Karate, Chinese Tai Chi, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Aiki-jitsu and Chin-na, as well as Krav Maga and Systema.

Prepare for a vigorous workout, and good martial arts sharing in a collaborative environment.

In this Meetup, everyone’s goal is to help each other learn. This does not mean that we are easy on each other. It does, however, mean that we are appropriate for the experience level of our partner, and respectful of their wishes.


The San Diego Martial Arts Workout Meetup has closed as of July 18, 2016. If you are interested in meeting and working out with like-minded martial artists, please contact us  here or at [email protected] . Full Potential martial Arts is happy to accommodate visitors.

Brian is a life-long martial artist, athlete, and serial entrepreneur. He teaches martial arts and self defense to adult and teen students in San Diego, at the Full Potential Martial Arts dojo in Carmel Valley.

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