About Healing Arts

At Full Potential Martial arts we strive to balance our mind and body. We practice primarily the healing arts of Yoga and Qigong.


Most people today are familiar with yoga practice, at least in so much as yoga poses (asanas) are involved. Originating in India, evidence showed yoga practices going back more than 5,000 years. Later, around the 10th century CE, Hatha yoga developed the asanas into the full body poses that people today associate with the word “yoga”. Yoga is a compassionate approach to healing and transforming the body and mind. It develops strength, flexibility coordination and balance , combining mind body and soul. The practice of yoga helps bring renewal, rejuvenation and transformation to the practitioner.


Qigong (sometimes spelled chi-kung or chi-gung) literally means “life energy cultivation”. By bringing together breath, movement and awareness, Qigong practice seeks to calm and sooth the mind and body. It combined slow, circular, repetitive movements to help invoke inner peace and well being. Qi (or Chi) is usually translated as “life energy” or “life force”. Gong means “work” or “cultivation”. Our qigong practice is rooted in an ancient Asian system of health and self-development. Slow circular, repetitive movements invoke inner peace and well being. Qigong is rooted in Chinese culture, dating back more than 4,000 years. The practice gained significant popularity in modern times, and it is estimated that as recently as in the 1990’s, over 200 millions people in China alone practice Qigong. People practice qigong for many different reasons, bet it for exercise and recreation, for prevention and self-healing, for meditation and self-cultivation, and as training for martial arts.

Healing Arts at Full Potential Martial Arts

Through practice of the healing arts, we learn to cultivate and manage a high grade of energy, build strength and awareness, and sooth the mind and body. It is a perfect complement to hard workouts. Qigong practice serves to both enhance and balance the “martial” side of martial arts, and to bring calm and relaxation to our lives. Adults and teenagers are invited to join Full Potential Martial Arts at our Carmel Valley studio, in San Diego, CA 92130.

 Yoga mind and body practice in Carmel Valley, San Diego, 92130