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Martial Arts: Your new wokrout for meeting and exceeding your fitness goalsTraining in martial arts has multiple fitness and health benefits.

Are having difficulties meeting your fitness goals?

Many adults are turning to martial arts training to meet their fitness objectives.

Martial arts is a fun, engaging, and ever challenging whole body workout. Full Potential Martial Arts’ classes are an excellent way to exercise and get in shape. Through regular martial arts practice you can expect to boost your stamina and strength, increase your flexibility, and improve your coordination. As an added benefit, you will also develop your self discipline and resolve. Start working out today, and you will experience the benefits of martial arts training for yourself. Click here to sign up for for a free trial class now.

Want to feel better, have more energy and live longer? Look no further than exercise

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According to scientific research cited in the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ “2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, being physically active on a regular basis improves your chances of living a longer and healthier life, helps protect you from heart disease and certain forms of cancer, relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety, and improves your mood. Regular exercise also prevents weight gain, helps weight loss, and helps keep weight off after weight loss. The Mayo Clinic cites four main benefits to exercise:

  1. Exercise controls weight
  2. Exercise combats health conditions and disease
  3. Exercise improved mood
  4. Exercise boost energy

Martial Arts provides Excellent Cross Training and Complements your Sport

If you are already engaged in a sport, you can benefit from cross training at Full Potential Martial Arts. For example, the coordination and body awareness learned through martial arts classes are very beneficial to endurance athletes such as runners, bikers and swimmers. This is because martial arts strengthens and stretches the body in ways that complements repetitive motions found in endurance sports. (Our head instructor is an endurance athlete himself).

If you are playing ball sports such as basketball, soccer, football or baseball, cross training in martial arts will help you develop a strong connection to your own body, and the ability to “listen to your body” and know when is the right time to push it and when is the right time to take a break. You will also greatly strengthen your core muscles and other muscles involved in stabilizing your body and in proper joint alignment, which will help with injury prevention.

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Martial Arts is an enjoyable, engaging and fulfilling Exercise

Unlike other exercise routines, martial arts training engages your body and mind, and includes a lot of variety. It is the antithesis for the doldrums of the typical gym experience. Studies have shown that people are most likely to persist in an exercise routine when it is engaging and exhilarating. Martial arts classes are both, as:

  • MFree martial arts class in the Carmel Valley neighborhood of San Diego, CA 92130artial Arts training engages your mind
  • Martial Arts training includes high-levels of novelty and variability – it constantly changes
  • Martial Arts training requires your absolute attention, providing relief from the stresses of everyday life

As some students say: “I sometimes drag myself to training. But I remember that, no matter what mood I had when I got into class, by the time martial arts class is over, I have a big smile on my face.” Amen to that!

Lastly, at Full Potential Martial Arts, we practice in a group setting. Our warm “family” fosters a sense of belonging and persistence, as the students and instructor all work toward a common goal. Come and join us for a workout today!

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