Lake Arrowhead Winter Martial Arts Camp, April 2013

April 2013: Annual Lake Arrowhead Winter Martial Arts Camp

The 5th annual Lake Arrowhead Spring Training took place place April 25-28, 2013 at lake Arrowhead, and included karate, tai-chi, qigong, kobudo and meditation lessons.

We had an excellent sleep-away camp, packed with trainings, lectures and opportunities to make friends in the martial arts community.

Our sincere thanks to instructors Sensei Paul Billimoria and Sensei Neville Billimoria of Aoinagi Karate, Sensei Louis Jemison of the Kokusai Butokukai, and Sensei Jeff Day of Matsukaze Budo Kai, for sharing their art and love at camp.

Camp Theme: Always Moving Forward in memory of our beloved Sensei Robert Leong

What we Did: Lots of Karate; Tai Chi training; Qigong sessions; meditation sessions and instruction; karate weapons (the bo — long staff); lectures; ate good food and enjoyed great company!