Striking and Grappling: Jiu-jitsu and Karate

Combining striking arts with grappling arts at this week’s workout — it’s all part of martial arts.

Is Karate only for striking? Is Jiujitsu (jiu-jitsu) only for ground fighting? Think again. Some martial artists like to differentiate “striking” such as Karate, Kung-Fu, Muay-Thai (known for its excellent kicks) and boxing from “grappling” arts such as Jiu-jitsu, Aikido and Judo. But are they really that different? Are there no strikes in Jiu-jitsu? Is there no grappling in Karate?  Most (but not all) modern day Jiu-jitsu grapplers spend the majority of their time on the mat. And most (but not all) modern day karate practitioners spend the majority of their training standing up. The true answer is not that simple, though.

A Budo-ka is competent in all forms of fighting, and from this competency, a deep sense of calm emerges.


Brian is a life-long martial artist, athlete, and serial entrepreneur. He teaches martial arts and self defense to adult and teen students in San Diego, at the Full Potential Martial Arts dojo in Carmel Valley.

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One comment on “Striking and Grappling: Jiu-jitsu and Karate
  1. Sam says:

    I didn’t realize there were so many parallels between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Okinawan karate. I train in BJJ, which is a lot of fun.

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