martial-arts-instructorOur head instructor, Brian Sagi, is an experienced martial artist and instructor.  Brian began his martial arts training in judo at a young age, and continued training in Shito-Ryu karate and in Krav Maga, as well as in the internal art of Tai Chi. He spent many years training in karate under Sensei Neville Billimoria and Sensei Paul Billimoria, seniors students of Sensei Dr. Raymond Castilonia, Kyoshi founder of Aoinagi Ha Shito Ryu and student of O-Sensei Richard Kim at the world-renown Zen Bei Butoki-Kai. Brian also studied armed and hand-to-hand combat in the military, where he served as an officer (rank of Captain).

Through his training, Brian has had the pleasure of studying the internal and external martial arts of Karate, Tai-Chi, Aikijitsu, Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Kobudo (weapons). He has also sought and trained with experienced practitioners of Fujian White Crane Kung Fu, of  Baguazhang and of Kuntau Silat. Brian continued to study and polish his arts, ever striving for improvement and for deeper knowledge.

A resident of San Diego, Brian enjoys his family and the outdoors. An avid athlete and “exercise nut”, Brian is a long distance runner, cyclist, and a yoga practitioner and instructor. He is also a certified Schwinn® cycle and ShockWave instructor. In his day job, Brian is an entrepreneur, technologist and dealmaker.

Brian brings his passion and devotion to martial arts to every class, helping students achieve their full potential.

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