Rates and Costs

How much do martial arts classes cost?

Our rate structure for martial arts and self defense classes is very simple and straight forward. Many other martial arts schools require you to sign for long term contracts — we don’t. Many martial arts dojos have separate and extra charges for belt tests — we don’t. Many schools require you to buy all your uniform and training equipment through the school — we don’t. At Full Potential Martial Arts all you pay for your training is $100 per month, and that includes everything.

Additionally, we offer tuition scholarships to students, based on financial need. If you want to train but feel you may not be able to afford it, talk to us!

Will you require me sign a long-term contract?

No. You pay month to month. There is no long term commitment. We want you to train in the marital arts because you like it, not because you are contractually obligated or “tied in”.

How much do you charge for belt tests?

Zero. Nada. Your monthly dues is all you pay. When you are ready for a test, we test you at no charge.

But surely, I must pay for my new belt. How much is that?

Belts are free. You earn your belt through your hard training. When you have earned a belt, we give it to you. Gratis.

Will you pressure me to purchase private lessons, at extra cost?

No. We do not charge for private lessons. When you need private instruction to progress in your martial arts training, we give it to you — for free.

How about equipment? What do I need to buy from you to start?

Nothing. Just show up in comfortable exercise clothes. Later on, you may want to invest in a uniform (gi). You are welcome to buy any plain white gi from your favorite martial arts store. We can recommend a few brands that are of good quality while being inexpensive.


Welcome to our Martial Arts family!

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