We offer fun and engaging martial arts classes specifically for adults and teenagersFree martial arts in the Carmel Valley neighborhood of San Diego, CA 92130

Beginners are welcome, and so are experienced martial artists. The primary training curriculum consists of Okinawan Shito-Ryu Karate; of Chinese Yang-Style Tai-Chi Chuan (Taiji); of the ground fighting and grappling arts of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ), Chinese Chin-na (Qinna), and Japanese Aiki-jitsu, Jiu-Jitsu and Judo; of practical Krav-Maga and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA); and of wooden and bladed weapons such as escrima sticks, knife, and sword. We also teach the healing arts of Qigong (chi kung) and Yoga, for your mind and body. These are comprehensive martial arts which combine physical movement and philosophy; tactics and strategy; self defense and self development. They allow students to unleash the full potential in them. Our classes are geared specifically for adults and teenagers, and we accept students age 12 and over. Learn more about benefits of our martial arts classes for adults and teenagers in San Diego here.

Through systematic training you will increase your strength, flexibility, coordination, energy and stamina. You will also relieve stress and develop self-discipline, all while acquiring solid self-defense skills.

By the time you are a black belt, you will have achieved a level of proficiency in striking, grappling, ground fighting and use of martial arts weapons — all against multiple opponents. You will have also strengthened your body and soul, and increased your self confidence and sense of well-being. More importantly, as you practice the martial arts, you will notice a transformation of your character: as your abilities increase, so will your sense of calm and compassion.

Teen martial arts training san diego: Escrima-sticks

When are martial arts classes offered?

We offer convenient evening classes during the week, and a morning class on the weekend (subject to prior notice). See our full schedule here

What should I wear when training in martial arts?

As you begin your training, wear any comfortable exercise clothes. Please take off any jewelery and watches. As you continue in your training, you may wish to get a white uniform (gi).

May I try a free martial arts class?

Sure! Sign up for a free martial arts trial class in San Diego here and start training now!

Do I need to have prior experience in martial arts?

Full Potential Martial Arts classes are designed for all levels — beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. If you are just beginning, you will learn at your own pace. Likewise, if you are an experienced martial artist, training will expand your horizons and hone your skills.

How do I sign up?

Use our easy martial arts sign up form here. Alternatively, stop by a few minutes prior to the commencement any weekday class (see here for schedule of martial arts trainings and classes in our Carmel Valley dojo in San Diego, CA 92130), or, better, send an email to the instructor, Brian Sagi, at [email protected]Free martial arts in the Carmel Valley neighborhood of San Diego, CA 92130

What do students have to say about the class?

Read the testimonials here from our martial arts students in San Diego.

How much do your martial arts classes cost?

We have a very straightforward rate structure — see our simple martial arts costs here. No hidden fees or long term contract.

May I take martial arts classes as Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE) for my middle school or high school?

Yes! To learn more about martial arts ISPE in San Diego, including at San Dieguito Unified High School District (SDUHSD), see here.

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